How to Ride The Power of Your Dreams - Into the Life You Always Dreamed of

Mike DeLuca Teaches You About Quantum Dreaming℠ - How to Learn to Remember, Interpret, Direct and Embrace the Wisdom in your Dreams.
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About This Product:

For over 40 years, Mike DeLuca has been researching and practicing the use of dreams for personal and spiritual development, as well as to assist in improving health, realtionships and careers.

For many years Mike was the most sought after Dream Expert on Talk Radio and at workshops and seminars around the world.

In this video course, Mike introduces his powerful process called Quantum Dreaming℠. Mike shows us how to combine the use of his unique Dream Interpretation Journaling System with exercises and examples of how to remember, interpret and direct your dreams to assist you in your Goal Achievement Mastery Process. 

Learn to use your dreams to quide you to live the life you always dreamed of.

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Session One - An Introduction to Mike DeLuca's Quantum Dreaming℠ Program
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Session One: Take a Tour of Mike DeLuca's Dream Journaling System

Session One - Exploring the Different Types of Dreams with Mike DeLuca

Session One - Learning to Direct Your Dreams with Mike DeLuca

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Michael DeLuca

Mike DeLuca is the Owner of Integrative Wellness and Development LLC.
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Michael (Mike) DeLuca is the Owner of Integrative Wellness and Development℠ LLC . He created the Your Nine Steps℠ Program For Goal Achievement Mastery©, the Daily Goal Mastery Journal©, The Integrative Journaling© Program and is co-creator of The DreamLearning® Program.  

Mike has devoted over half a century to exploring and promoting Personal Growth, Spiritual Development and  Integrative Wellness. This work was the result of his inspiring journey from homelessness and poverty to his current life of limitless possibilities. He shares his discoveries through his writings, talks, workshops and courses,  as well as his consulting and coaching  engagements. His appearances on radio, television, Webinars, seminars and podcasts have inspired millions of people around the world.  

Mike has helped large and small companies discover significant opportunities for improved efficiency and cost savings. He has helped many entrepreneurs start the businesses of their dreams and small business owners go from struggling to thriving in record time. Of course, every situation is unique, and your results may vary, but the tools and techniques he will share with you will be priceless. 

Mike is also a very popular Subject Matter Expert that is sought after by Investment Research Firms, Investment Companies and Consulting Groups. 

Mike's transformational work with people around the world of all ages, has helped tens of thousands of disabled people find gainful employment. He has also helped thousands of parents deal with the loss of their children. All of this has earned him the title of “Honorary Chief” in several countries, and a place of honor, love and gratitude in the hearts of everyone he touches. 
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